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Back Burner

December 2, 2010

I had to put this blog on the back burner and I regret it.  Now I am back and ready to go.  Lots has happened, tech wise that is.  I think listing will be the most efficent:

1.  We finished the Hoot unit.  What I liktd the best was going back to the Hootunit blog and readdressing the anticipatory set questions.  Since I set them in poll form, it was fun to revisit what the kids thought 4 weeks earlier and if they had changed their minds.  I did it visually/verbally.  What I should have done was reset the polls/anticipatory set questions then compare the two.  Good idea for next time.

2.  The vocabulary videos took a while.  Was it worth it?  Yes.   I let the kids select the words from a list, so there were many duplicates of the same word.  The kids did really get to know their words and they did have a good time with iMovie.  Next time I have them draw words out of a hat.  They can be viewed on blogspot.

3. My other triumph was the bully blogging.  Unbelievable! The kids loved it and responded beyond my belief.  Their responses are worth reading on the hootunit blog.

4.  I am currently working on publishing their pancake recipes in issu, a long process since I am learning.

That’s about all.  Most of my time has been spent differentiating and trying to keep my head above water.