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Evaluation of Edmodo and VoiceThread Apps

November 10, 2011

I like them both and am adding them to my list of must haves for my class.

Edmodo:  I like the ease of it, and because it makes my current Edmodo classes easily visible, I want it.  Kids will not have to go through any steps other than touching on the Edmodo app.

Voice Thread:  Great! I can use it for a lot of things: quick book checks, tickets out the door etc.  Of course kids will need to email me, but it won’t take long, maybe a minute.

In summary, thumbs up for both.


Long Overdue App Talk

November 10, 2011

I have received my iPad and begun checking out apps.  So I don’t bore my self I am going to discuss the new ones I have download then comment after exploration.

Newly downloaded: voicethread, dictionary and edmodo.

I will be back later to discuss the use of.