Differentiation/ A Meaningful Experience

December 6, 2010

Last year my district decided to (as per state mandate) go to pure inclusion.  I have always been an advocate.  My elementary school (k-5) subscribed to the “red birds” “blue birds” and “do do birds.”  Then, all of a sudden we went to sixth grade and we integrated from 5 classrooms to 4 and the birds  kinda flew the coup.

During my K-5 experience, I was a red bird in  the blue bird group.  In other words, I was a grouped in the high average group.  Regardless, we all saw who got to do what and who didn’t get.  It bothered me and at the same time  it worried me.  I am sure I wasn’t alone.  We were all afraid that we might get put in the lower group.  To be honest, it sucked.  Enough!  I vow now and will ever vow to never let a child feel that they are less than any other person.  So, what do I do best, differentiate  and I am a general ed teacher.

It takes time; probably more time than I have, but I love to create.  It keeps me thinking.  When I present to the class I always use the terms “regular” and “challenging.”  Kids usually pick the one that’s right for them.  I have been creating meaningful activities for kids using Microsoft Word.  I know I said earlier that Word didn’t count, but it does.  I have created diffentiated spelling activities as well as step by step worksheets for Webquests.  That do count in this personal challenge, because they helping me to supply meaningful learning experiences for students in my classroom.



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