You Can Have Your Cake and Narrative Writing Too!

October 16, 2010

I am going to stretch the tech thing a little and add an oven.  I know it is  a stretch, but this lesson(s) is definitly worth noting.

My objective this week was Narrative Writing.  I thought  a lot about this topic and how could I use computers other than Word, then it came to me.  Writing is like making a cake.

the kind of cake = the topic

ingredients = details

So, I baked two cakes (from the box) and brought to school the unfrosted cake and the ingredients used to make it.  I labeled the everthing, topic and details.  Then showed the class the unfrosted cake, my rough draft the unfinished product.  That day they had to write their rough draft.  Pretty Cool!  All eyes were on me and of course (probably more) on the cake.  The important thing is that they got it.  I have 75 English students this year , and all 75 were writing.

Day 2:  Let’s Frost That Cake

Same cake, but now it’s time to edit it, make it look a whole lot better.  As I frosted the cake I went over everything that goes into writing a second draft.

Day 3 Time To Eat

This will Monday, when we decorate and put the final touches on the cake/paragraph.

This all seems silly, and even my daughter thought it was, but I don’t care.  If I can reach 75 kids consisting of 25 with an  IEP, 20 ESOL 8 AIS  I did my job.  I am really looking forward to reading their writing.  One of the best things is that I would say things like, I don’t think you added enough butter here/details and they knew what I was talking about.

Refection:  Visuals are so important.  Things that all kids can relate to are even more.  With all the kids that I have with  so many different backgrounds, leveling the playing field is so important.  I wonder if they will think about cake when they write in the future.


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