What I’ve Learned in a Month

October 5, 2010

I knew that this was going to be difficult, it is and it isn’t.  What is difficult is that to integrate tech on a daily basis (something different) is next to impossible.  As a teacher I can’t wrap up every lesson neatly in a little package of 39 minutes.  Many lessons can carry over for a few days and even a week.  Kids need time to process and technology, namely computers, are one not always accessable and or working.  ok, I do use my smartboard everyday, not always as a lesson, but for writing on and checking homework and stuff like that. But I am not counting that as part of  my goal.  I am counting on the meaty stuff like my survival unit, topic sentences and email.

What is working is that I feel wonderful about what I am doing and what I have done.  I am really looking at presentation and learning in a whole new way of teaching. In my opinion I have used technology in the classroom in a meaningful way. I have scaffolded, reinforced, introduced, created discussion and community, I am creating risk-takers and thinkers and so much more.

What I haven’t done is found the time to blog everyday.  Today I am catching up, thanks to a leg injury.  I really missed blogging everyday and it is so useful, just thinking about my craft.  Will Richardson said at a workshop I attended, to blog everyday and he was right.  I will MAKE THE TIME.

More to come …


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