Polls in a Blog

October 5, 2010

This week I used polls again.  The first time was on my survival blog.  The students had select five items that they thought would be vital to their survival. I think it was very powerful for them to see that no one out of  75 kids picked one of the top 5 items (steel wool) for their survival and only a handful selected another item, the lighter without fluid, also in the top 5.  Two items, the map and compass, were very popular, but according to the expert  they could lead to their death.

I constructed polls in my english blog.This week I used them to introduce topic sentences  I gave two different topic sentences that could be used for a paragraph or article.  They had to select the one that they thought was better.  This was done in our computer lab, so each kid voted independently.  I also gave them a worksheet to accompany the task.  They had to tell which sentence they selected and why, and tell why they didn’t pick the other one.  That was Monday’s lesson.

Tuesday’s lesson.  Groups were given one of the four groups or rather pairs of sentences.  Their worksheets from Monday were given back.  I also gave them an overhead with the sentences on it asking them to as a group pick one and tell specifically tell why they liked it.  Each group presented their overhead and the overall results (from 3 English classes) of the poll were shown.  Great lesson!


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