Killing Two Birds With One Stone?

October 5, 2010

I really hate that expression, but I couldn’t think of another one.  Last week I did this in one of my three English classes, an Email lesson with a point, actually a couple. My objective was threefold:

1) To reinforce student passwords and login to the ICSD

2) To reinforce the 4 types of sentences

3) To journal about one of the survival books they reading about in my reading class.

The Task:

Kids had to sign on to the computer, go to the district email and login, then compose an email to another student in the class (my choice), and write an email to that person about one of the characters in their book.  They also had to include at least one imperative, one declarative, one exclamatory and one interrogative sentence, send the email, print the one sent to them and identify the four types on an accompanying worksheet and hand it in.  It worked out great, but took longer than I thought it would, two periods.  The time was well worth the effort.  The kids loved getting the mail and I loved the results.  Some kids wrote more than others, but I got to evaluate their writing, how they were comprehending and the whole thing was very meaningful.

I was successful on all accounts. (haha)


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