Lesson: Community

September 10, 2010

Another shortened class day and our computer labs aren’t ready for use.  In addition to the “Meaningful Integration of  Technology,” I also decided to go slow in order to go fast this year.  I have always done the getting to know me stuff, but never thought of building a community within the classroom until I the Responsive Classroom workshops.  So today’s lesson (actually yesterday’s) was on Community.

Using Smartboard software, I simply wrote “What is a community?”  Each group’s task was to decide on one word that could answer that question.  Then, I asked each group to use the words ( all were different) write them on the smartboard.  Each group then had to use those words to write 2-3 sentences answering the question. We shared.  Next, I showed a wordia defintion of community and told the class to write a slash mark down on their papers whenever they heard one of the words or a definition of the words that the class had shared earlier.  WOW!  Finally, I gave each group a small poster board and told them as a group using their word and their sentences create a poster with best illustrates their groups responses. If I had use of computers, I would have used glogster.

Third Eye:  It was great,  Simple yet elegant.  The technology kept them focused, the posters are turning out great.  If I had used glogster, it would be 2 day project, because there I did not have enough time to teach how to use glogster.  My thought on this would be to create cheat sheets ahead of the first using of a Web 2.o tool as well as a demonstration. This is a good idea, because I can remember my frustration in the past of running around to 26 kids helping them with the software.

Extension:  Have kids (groups) make their own wordia video.


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