Day 1: Smartboard “Wheel of Fortune”

September 9, 2010

Question: What do you do when you have limited time and one computer (labs not open)?

Answer: Smartboard and a Wheel of Fortune game.

Because I teach in a middle school, we enable 6th graders to enjoy the whole school to themselves on the first day (no 7th or 8th graders).  One of the nice things is that they get to run through their schedule (7 minutes a class).  I easily could have talked to them for that 7 minutes, but I opted to use my smartboard and this Wheel of Fortune software (Discovery Education $14) and displayed a message, “You Can Survive English and Reading.”  A little bit of foreshadowing to my first unit, survival.

Third Eye:  Great opener and this cheap software could be used for many many things throughout the year.  It did amaze me how long it took them to get the little words.  Their focus was on the longer ones.  One thing I liked about the software was that the teams ( I used only 1) did not have to earn money in order to buy a vowel.  Even with that advantage they did not get the shorter words like you or can.  This is going to be great for grammar and reading.  In addition, this could be used without technology, but would require more prep time (I am thinking construction paper letters that could be turned over)


Tomorrow:  Wall Wisher


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