September 4, 2010

This has nothing to do with technology, but I just have to note it.  On Thursday and Friday I trained (by myself) 34 8th graders to be WEB leaders for our incoming 6th graders.  This is such a cool program and last year the referrals our 6th graders decreased from 134 from September to December the previous year to 19.

Problem number 1, for the most part these kids have not seen each other in over two months.  So, there was a lot of catching up to do.  Problem 2, they are eighth graders, the “big” kids.  Well of course problem 1 was bigger than 2 and talking was a huge issue.  I decided to utilize some of the Responsive Classroom techniques I learned this summer, especially modeling how to listen.  WOW!  So simple  and it works.    Ya just ass u me that by the time a kid is in 8th grade they know how to listen. BIG MISTAKE! ( and I made it)

Responsive Classroom is a program designed for elementary schools, but there are so many elements that carry nicely over to middle school.   This was a great affirmation of my classroom management  plan for this year.


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