Voicethread: Check it off the list!

August 24, 2010

I worked with Voicethread today for several hours.  When I was first introduced to it, a few years ago, I tried setting up a couple, but was never really satisfied.  So it went on to the “back burner.As I looked over my trial threads, I noticed that I was just using it for the wrong purpose, objectively.  I think it should be used subjectively. Now the pot is boiling away and I came up with some great ideas for using it.


– discussions (obviously)

– An overview of the week ahead

-Literature Circles

-Brainstorming (as an assignment or station in the classroom)

– Quote of the week (reaction or anticipatory set)

– Book Reports


-If I am absent a message, assignment etc.

-If a kid is absent for a while or gone away with family and they access to a computer, they could go the thread and get lessons etc or just stay connected with their group etc.

-to tell a story (using more than one slide of course)

I know that I will think of more and of course I am only thinking from an ELA perspective.

Tomorrow, Evernote.


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