An Interdisciplinary Blog

August 15, 2010

The best use of technology that I did last year was an interdisciplinary blog titled monotheistic religions. It was actually only about one, Islam.  This unit pretty much served as the “less is more theory.”

I have always worked very closely with one of the social studies teachers on my team and I really wanted to integrate with her on two of my English classes.  The kids in these classes all received services and really struggled in ss.  So, I came up the idea to create a blog for these kids on the different topics of the research unit  she was doing.

I wanted to find websites that were understandable and inviting to look at for these kids for each of the topics.  I also copied and pasted the readings in a word document.  This enabled the students to download and have the document read to them using the speech toolbar.  In addition, I created some sort of graphic organizer for each site.

My colleague loved it so much that she shared the blog with all of her ss classes.  This was a three-week project, and yes there were doubts as if this was even working.  It was definitely, in my opinion, the Cadillac of differentiation.  The kids (22) actually finished the project on time (with support) and blew my colleague away on the amount of information they learned.


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