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Evernote Everymore

August 26, 2010

Love, love, love it.  The only thing I have to do, and I am getting better at, is to remember to use it.  Evernote headlines that it “Remembers Everything” and it dose.  I downloaded a few weeks ago along with an extension for my browser, Safari.  If I am online I click on the elephant (their trademark) on my Safari toolbar and it takes a snapshot of the web page I am on.  In addition, I created new notes when I was in my “Responsive Learning” workshop last week.  Ok, so great, it saves it.  I feel like I am watching a commercial, “But wait, there’s more!” It doesn’t just save it to the Evernote that was downloaded, it also saves it online.  All you have to do is go to and login and there are all your notes and everything else saved.

Here is the usefulness of it, say I don’t have internet one day, the network is down, if I saved a webpage on Evernote and need to use it, I just open the application and it’s there.  Another thing that I really like about it is that I can just take a note.  I don’t have to open Word and write then save a document, which later has to be backed up somewhere.  Finally, I can access my notes from any computer.  Very cool!



August 25, 2010

Quizlet is  a great resource for students and teachers.  I enrolled in the free version, but for $10 a year I could join Quizlet Plus.  I made a simple quiz on terms I use in my noun unit. Plugged them in with the definitions that I use and in no time it generated some options: print list, print cards, study, learn.

This would be good for review, differentiation, making printable quizzes and or tests, and having students co-author with me.

My Noun


Voicethread: Check it off the list!

August 24, 2010

I worked with Voicethread today for several hours.  When I was first introduced to it, a few years ago, I tried setting up a couple, but was never really satisfied.  So it went on to the “back burner.As I looked over my trial threads, I noticed that I was just using it for the wrong purpose, objectively.  I think it should be used subjectively. Now the pot is boiling away and I came up with some great ideas for using it.


– discussions (obviously)

– An overview of the week ahead

-Literature Circles

-Brainstorming (as an assignment or station in the classroom)

– Quote of the week (reaction or anticipatory set)

– Book Reports


-If I am absent a message, assignment etc.

-If a kid is absent for a while or gone away with family and they access to a computer, they could go the thread and get lessons etc or just stay connected with their group etc.

-to tell a story (using more than one slide of course)

I know that I will think of more and of course I am only thinking from an ELA perspective.

Tomorrow, Evernote.



August 21, 2010

Issuu, not on my “To Do” list, but I’ve got to jot down some thoughts about this.


Hoot: Class magazine for recipes  of “Top Pancake” or Hoot the magazine- meet the characters plus articles about endangered species (actually this could be done with any book and every student in a group selects an aspect of the book and do a page/article/feature etc.

Responsive Classroom Messages: Put all the messages into Issuu for the year

Grammar Units: worksheets, notes, puzzles, links – like a “Noun” Magazine

WEB (where everybody belongs) a middle school program magazine of what goes on at DeWitt this year.

I am sure the list will grow



August 21, 2010

Had a chance to play with Glogster and setup an account.  Some things I am going to use it for include:

* introduction to themes

*  for curriculum night (overview of either a project we’ve done or maybe all the books we have access to throughout the school year)

* student projects: book reports, poetry, visual expository paragraph with words and images to support), collaboration etc.

More ideas at Integrate Technology into the Classroom.  Student rubric link off this site at Teachers Pay Teachers.

My survival unit Glog with book choices and essential questions.

Survival Unit Glog (maybe I’ll use, maybe I won’t)



To Do List

August 20, 2010

Sites I need to spend some time with:

Wall Wisher (like a lot)

Glogster (posters – good for a novel/book report and more)




Animoto (I have used several times before, but how can I use this year)

Voicethread (somethings to iron out)


I Am Cooking with Wesson

August 18, 2010

Good stuff!  I stumbled upon  Classroom 2.0 , clicked on English and found someone who taught Greek mythology in a middle school.  His idea, to compare myths from other sources, then SKYPE.  Great idea. So I joined Classroom 2.0 and maybe it will be a good venture for both of us.